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Kerastase LOVE

With our Kerastase LOVE menu we ensure to provide you with expert staff, a luxurious environment, specifically prescribed rituals and a memorable experience in our Kerastase hair spa.

At baDARO the health of your hair and scalp is just as important as the look we give you for your cut, colour and style!

Each and every appointment you will be prescribed a Kerastase Essential Ritual suited to the needs of your hair and scalp through the change of seasons.

Kerastase Scalp Camera

For our love of healthy hair we have been exclusively selected by Kerastase to use a scalp camera in salon. This helps to target specific scalp issues so we are able to prescribe the perfect Kerastase Essential Ritual and home case for you.

We recommend a hair and scalp analysis through each change of season.

Feel the LOVE at baDARO.

Hot Towl Masque Treatment

Indulge in a hot towel masque treatment for dehydrated hair that needs some baDARO loving! Relax in our massage seats and be pampered with a Kerastase scalp massage and hot towel infusion!

Appointment time – 10 minutes

Service price – $15

Essential LOVE

Haven’t got time for a luxurious massage?

Allow your hair to absorb the goodness of a specifically prescribed Ritual but save time with no massage! Relax with this express service and enjoy a hot towel infusion.

Appointment time – 5 minutes

Service price – $26


Indulge in the ultimate Kerastase Ritual and luxurious massage from Paris, finished with a hot towel infusion.

Appointment time – 15 minutes

Service price – $40

Kerastase Essential Rituals

These are highly concentrated formulas that will be prescribed by your Artist.

Nourishing Ritual – Instantly treats dry hair to provide long lasting nutrition and shine.

Strengthening Ritual – Rebuilds the strength of weak and damaged hair.

Intense Shine Ritual – Deeply hydrates colour treated hair and enhances colour radiance.

Revitalising / Volumising Ritual – Injects beautiful Anti-Oxidents into the hair and enhances volume.